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Food as medicine: Chinese dietetic tips for putting a spring in your step

Recommended Spring Foods

Avoid: dry and hot foods such as coffee and spices.  Also avoid ice-cold foods and beverages such as ice-cream as they abruptly block the stomach's digestive energy.  Also avoid hot and fatty foods as they block the liver. 

Try: mildly warming foods such as fennel, rice, buckwheat, garlic, paprika, ginger as these will remove any acumulated dampness left over from the colder months.  Add sour flavours as they stimulate the liver.  Anything GREEN, neutral or cool.  Green tea, spinach, celery, sprouts, green onions and ginger.



Gastrointestinal and Kidney Detoxification Support

G-Tox Express is an integral part of the first stage of all of the Detoxification Programs available through our clinic.  G-Tox Express may help to protect the integrity of the gastrointestinal mucosa:    it contains excellent sources of dietary fibre that helps to promote regular bowel movements to assist in detoxification.

Spiralina, coriander and cleavers are traditionally used for tissue cleansing and kidney detoxification.  They are herbs to support the kidney and urinary elimination of wastes.

The addition of Potassium citrate assists kidney detoxification through alkalisation of urine, enhancing renal clearance of wastes, in 2 weeks.  
Talk to your My Health & Wellness Centre practitioner about whether G-Tox Express may be suitable for you.


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400 g grated zucchini, squeezed from moisture and tightly packed

4 organic eeggs

60 ml of extra virgin olive oil, melted butter or ghee

400 g almond meal

2 tablespoons white chia seeds

2 teaspoons of gluten-free baking powder

1 teaspoon of sea salt

pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top


PREHEAT your oven to 160˚C fan-forced (320˚F).

COMBINE zucchini, eggs and olive oil.

ADD almond meal, chia seeds, baking powder and sea salt then mix until combined.

REST the bread batter for 15 minutes.

SPOON into a loaf tined lined with baking paper.

GARNISH the top with pumpking seeds.

BAKE for 1 hour until cooked through.

COOL in the tin.

REMOVE and enjoy.



Seasonal Ailments

Common Cold
Allergic Rhinitis

Pollen is a fine yellowish powder that is transported from plant to plant by the wind, by birds, by insects or by other animals. The spread of pollen helps to fertilize plants — and can mean misery for seasonal allergy sufferers.


If you have a pollen allergy and breathe in pollen-heavy air, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing

  • Nasal congestion

  • Runny nose

  • Watery eyes

  • Itchy throat and eyes

  • Wheezing

Pollen can also aggravate asthma symptoms, including increased coughing and wheezing.

3 natural steps to allergy relief

1. Avoid your triggers

The first step to managing allergic rhinitis is pinpointing the cause, then avoiding it where possible.3 For instance, if you’re sensitive to pet hair or dander, keeping your pet out of the bedroom will mean you’re not exposed to animal allergens while you sleep. Similarly, protective bedding can help if you’re sensitive to dust mites, while investing in a dehumidifier helps prevent mould build-up.

2. Watch the pollen counts

If you tend to suffer from seasonal hay fever, try to stay indoors when pollen levels are high, which is typically during August-March, particularly on windy days or after thunderstorms.8,9 You can check the pollen forecast at

3. Try natural supplements

As well as perilla, other herbal and vitamin supplements have been linked to allergy relief, for instance vitamin C, which is a natural antihistamine, the Ayurvedic herb albizia,10 rosemary (which like perilla, contains rosmarinic acid),11 and the antioxidant quercetin, which may reduce histamine release, in turn relieving symptoms.12 There’s also some evidence that probiotics may have a role in the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis.13

How perilla can help

One natural treatment that can make a big difference if you have allergies is the herb perilla (or Perilla frutescens). An aromatic, sweet-tasting plant used as a culinary ingredient in many Asian countries,5 it is also prized in traditional Chinese medicine for its medicinal properties, which include allergy relief. The key active ingredient in perilla is rosmarinic acid, which may help to soothe allergy symptoms such as an itchy nose and watery or irritated eyes6 The proof is in the research: in one Japanese study, daily perilla extracts were found to be an effective intervention for sufferers of seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis,6 which may be explained from a mice study that showed the herb helps curb blood levels of IgE and histamine, suggesting a dampened down allergic reaction.7

Talk to your Practitioner about our range of products tailored that can be tailored to suit you.



Low back pain is caused by injury to a muscle (strain) or ligament (sprain). Common causes include improper lifting, poor posture, lack of regular exercise, a fracture, a ruptured disc or arthritis. Often, the only symptom is pain in the lower back. Most low back pain goes away on its own in two to four weeks. Physiotherapy and pain relievers can help.  

People may experience: Pain areas: in the back, muscles and bones, hip, or leg Sensory: leg numbness or pins and needles Also common: back joint dysfunction or muscle spasms

Self-care Heating pad: Soothes painful muscles or joints and can help drain skin infections. Physical exercise: Aerobic activity for 20–30 minutes 5 days a week improves cardiovascular health. If injured, pursuing an activity that avoids the injured muscle group or joint can help maintain physical function while recovering.

Therapies Joint manipulation: Stretching a joint past its current restricted range of motion to restore movement and reduce pain. Stretching: Stretching exercises can improve flexibility and improve physical function. Physical Therapy: Restores muscle strength and function through exercise. Massage: Relaxes tense muscles. Acupuncture: Insertion of needles into specific points on the body to relieve pain and treat other conditions.