Enjoy the Results of Bowen Therapy in Caloundra

One of the many services that My Health and Wellness Centre offers is Bowen therapy. We aim to play a role in relaxing and relieving tension throughout your entire body. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud to be professional but family oriented, and we want to help you feel your very best.

What is Bowen Therapy in Caloundra?

The “Bowen Move” is a distinctive movement that we apply to points on your body to help move the soft tissue in a way that may help stimulate nerve and tissue pathways. This movement involves our practitioner using the overlying skin to gently move the tissue underneath.

This holistic technique consists of gentle movements which may help restore balance to your body through the autonomic nervous system. During Bowen therapy in Caloundra, patients often fall asleep during sessions, which is entirely normal and shows us that you are fully relaxed.

Why Patients Choose My Health and Wellness Centre

Before we begin treatment, we determine not just which treatments might be a strong choice for you but also how much your body can handle without overloading your system. Sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes, and any pressure we apply is typically very gentle. We are always willing to take a break or use a softer touch if you are uncomfortable at any time during the session. One of the most common reactions to our work is a sense of full-body relaxation.

We care about your experience with Bowen therapy in Caloundra, and we ensure you are comfortable at all times and feel relaxed in our capable hands. If a course of treatment stops being the right fit for you, we can explore other services together. We would be happy to recommend what we believe will work well for you with strong communication at every step.

Contact us today to book your first session of Bowen therapy in Caloundra so you can feel the results for yourself.