Restore Your Physical Balance with Bowen Therapy at the Sunshine Coast

An excellent holistic technique is Bowen Therapy. At our Sunshine Coast-based My Health and Wellness Centre, we endorse this treatment which focuses on the soft connective tissue and fascia of your body. The Australian Tom Bowen developed the method in the 1950s.

Bowen Therapy at the Sunshine Coast for Anyone at Any Age

Many sportspersons rely on Bowen therapy as they find it greatly improves their performance. Regular treatment is said to avoid injuries too. If a mishap on the sports field does occur, Bowen therapy usually ensures a reduced recovery time.

If you don’t play sports, Bowen therapy at the Sunshine Coast can nonetheless be suitable for you. Most of our patients tell us the treatment is pleasant and relaxing. The therapy consists of sequences of gentle but purposeful small moves, addressing the entire body. The whole person is treated instead of just an isolated complaint.

Bowen Combines Well with Other Therapies

Bowen therapy at our Sunshine Coast health and wellness centre does not necessarily have to stand alone. Particularly physical therapists consider Bowen Therapy effective as a supplement. Many combine Bowen with homoeopathy, the Bach flower/bush flower remedies. Do not start such combinations on your own, always consult us first. Only when we work together, can we optimise the chance of a successful treatment.