Chinese Medicine Sunshine Coast

Chinese Medicine Sunshine Coast

Many people have benefited from Chinese medicine and acupuncture for thousands of years; it is an age-old system of health and wellness. Chinese medicine and acupuncture focuses on a person’s entire well-being, paying attention to prevention as well as the treatment of diseases. If you are looking to try Chinese medicine on the Sunshine Coast area, My Health and Wellness Centre is the best choice.

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Western medicine is tangible and logical and views your body like a mechanism, with various structures that need the right inputs and outputs to function properly. Chinese medicine pays more attention to energy, harmony, and balance in your body. You can easily reap the benefits of Chinese medicine on the Sunshine Coast through our Centre and experience the holistic balance of energy that your body will achieve. Chinese medicine and acupuncture focuses on something called Qi, which is also known as life energy or vital energy that runs throughout your body. Qi is constantly on the move and permanently changing. Chinese medicine focuses on ways to encourage and preserve the flow of Qi.

Chinese medicine can be described as two opposite forces, Yin and Yang. Yin is seen as cooling, calm, and feminine; while Yang is seen as masculine, hot and active. Everything in life has a combination of Yin and Yang, and the key is to find a balance between the two. When the Yin and Yang balance of Qi is disturbed, you may feel unwell. We offer Chinese medicine on the Sunshine Coast to create a healthy flow of Qi and blood in your body, establishing harmony and health.

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