My Health and Wellness Centre Physiotherapist in Caloundra - Effective Treatment is Certainly Possible

Why should you suffer from back, neck, pelvic or other physical complaints, if My Health and Wellness Centre is nearby? Thanks to our experienced physiotherapist in Caloundra, your movement disorders may rapidly become a thing of the past.

Initial Test and Personalised Treatment Plan at Your Physiotherapist in Caloundra

Do not hesitate to visit our physio in Caloundra for advice. To prepare well, we have listed some tips such as wearing comfortable clothing and bringing any documentation relevant to your condition. Based on the information you supply, we will begin by testing your reflex and nerve functions. After we have assessed your physical condition and we can clearly understand the cause of the complaints we will know what to do, and can offer you a personalised treatment plan.

Since multiple factors often cause complaints, our treatment usually combines modern equipment and adequate exercise with massage and possibly heat treatment. No method is ever cast in stone though since every patient is different. Do you want to start the first treatment right away? That is almost always possible.

Work Together with My Health Physiotherapist in Caloundra for an Optimal Treatment Result

Many of our patients indicate that even after two or three visits to My Health and Wellness Centre, they already feel the difference. But feeling isn't the same as knowing. During your treatment process, your physiotherapist in Caloundra will meticulously keep track of the progress and results achieved. Only by continuously measuring and regularly reassessing, can we expect success. Contact us to learn more or for a first appointment.