Visit My Health and Wellness Centre for Your Physiotherapy Treatment on the Sunshine Coast

My Health and Wellness Centre offers physiotherapy on the Sunshine Coast for a wide range of conditions. We have been responsible for supporting the health care of patients in the area for more than three decades, and we continuously strive to improve people’s wellness. At our treatment centre, staff have up-to-date skills and offer therapies to help bring you better health, naturally.

Using physiotherapy, we rehabilitate and improve movement disorders through a range of manual therapy techniques including Connect Therapy©, muscle releases, joint mobilisation and exercise. A large part of successful physiotherapy treatment is educating and motivating our patients. Physiotherapy may offer relief for conditions such as back pain, arthritis, sprains and strains, incontinence, posture problems, and sport or workplace injuries. If you suffer from reduced mobility or need rehabilitation after surgery, physio on the Sunshine Coast can speed up your recovery and improve your quality of life.

At My Health and Wellness Centre, we will do a thorough examination to gain an understanding of your source of discomfort. Thereafter, the physiotherapist will recommend an action plan. When it comes to physiotherapy on the Sunshine Coast, we believe that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method and we adapt the methods and duration of sessions to suit each person. The number of appointments for therapy is determined by your condition.

If you need physiotherapy on the Sunshine Coast for pain relief or rehabilitation, My Health and Wellness Centre can help. Book an appointment or call us today on (07) 5491 7277; we work to restore your health with natural methods.