Experience Remedial Massage on the Sunshine Coast

With over 30 years of experience in the area of remedial massage on the Sunshine Coast, at My Health and Wellness Centre, we believe that patients should always pursue the treatments that fit best within their lifestyles and health interests. Remedial massage is a unique massage subset that may play a role in pain relief and healing.

What is Remedial Massage on the Sunshine Coast?

Remedial massage is a type of massage therapy that concentrates on aiding the healing process when you are recovering from injuries or muscle and skeletal problems. This type of massage, when engaged our trained massage therapist on the Sunshine Coast will focus on your muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. These areas of the body are more susceptible to overuse and strain, which can lead to distracting pain all over your body.

More about My Health and Wellness Centre

Our mission is to be a leading health care provider in remedial massage on the Sunshine Coast. We want to gain the trust of our patients by creating positive changes for those struggling with pain and injuries. We aim to continue to learn new skills and update our treatment approaches so that we can improve our skills and support our patients more effectively. Our goal is to be the area’s leading facility for great patient experiences and new research and education in our field.

We first opened our doors as Caloundra Sports Injuries Clinic in 1987. Our founders, David and Gayle Pentland, wanted to meet the needs they saw in the community and to this day, we take pride in maintaining a caring yet professional approach to your health care needs. All of our practitioners are highly qualified in areas ranging from sports injury support to general body health, and we love working with patients of all ages.

We’ll help you discover whether one-on-one or team-based support is best for your needs, so contact us so we can start learning about you. Try remedial massage on the Sunshine Coast to support your injury recovery.